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General Spanish

The Callan Method Spanish course comprises 6 Stages corresponding roughly to CEFR levels A1-B1.

At 5 lessons a week, you will go from complete beginner to intermediate in 54 weeks (on average 9 weeks per Stage).

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Weekly plans

Learn Spanish regularly. Choose how often you want to have lessons and for how long. Book 3, 5 or 10 lessons each week and make steady progress.

light course LIGHT - 3 lessons / week View

Choose the duration of your plan and use your credits to reserve 3 lessons every week.

Light Starter - 1 week (Esp) 3 lessons + EBook 40.00 eur
Light - 4 weeks (Esp) 12 lessons 150.00 eur
Light - 12 weeks (Esp) 36 lessons 445.00 eur
Light - 24 weeks (Esp) 72 lessons 870.00 eur
standard course STANDARD - 5 lessons / week View

Choose the duration of your plan and use your credits to reserve 5 lessons every week.

Standard Starter - 1 week (Esp) 5 lessons + EBook 65.00 eur
Standard - 4 weeks (Esp) 20 lessons 240.00 eur
Standard - 12 weeks (Esp) 60 lessons 680.00 eur
Standard - 24 weeks (Esp) 120 lessons 1200.00 eur
intensive course INTENSIVE - 10 lessons / week View

Choose the duration of your plan and use your credits to reserve 10 lessons every week. (For example two lessons a day.)

Intensive Starter - 1 week (Esp) 10 lessons + EBook 120.00 eur
Intensive - 4 weeks (Esp) 40 lessons 470.00 eur
Intensive - 12 weeks (Esp) 120 lessons 1200.00 eur
Intensive - 24 weeks (Esp) 200 lessons 2200.00 eur

Buy a package of credits and reserve lessons whenever you want. These credits are valid for
6 months regardless of how many you buy.

10 Lessons (Esp) 125.00 eur
25 Lessons (Esp) 300.00 eur
50 Lessons (Esp) 550.00 eur
100 Lessons (Esp) 1000.00 eur

Each Stage comes with a corresponding eBook with integrated audio. Use it to revise and practice listening comprehension and spelling after lessons. You should also have it handy during the lessons.


Any eBooks you buy will be displayed in the Callan app. Download it using the links below.

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How do the Callan Method stages equate to CEFR levels?

The comparison of Callan Method stages to the tests shown is approximate.

CEFR Level1 Callan stages
A1 1/2
A2 3/4
B1 5/6
  1. Common European Framework of Reference for Languages
    The Common European Framework of Reference is a guideline used to describe the linguistic competence of learners of foreign languages across Europe and, increasingly, in other countries.It is now widely used by publishers and test developers.

How long does it take to complete each stage?

The amount of time needed to complete each stage varies across individual students, and depends on external factors, such as quality of connection and frequency of lessons. Stages vary in length as well, so some of them can be completed faster than others. On average, the time frame for particular stages is as follows:

Stage 1 2 3 4 5 6
No of lessons 30-35 35-40 40-45 50-55 50-55 50-55

What factors can influence my progress?

- Frequency of lessons
Every lesson begins with a revision of material from previous lessons. The more often you take lessons, the better you remember the revised material, and the less repetition you need. If you do less repetition, you have more time for new work and you progress faster.

- Connection quality
It's very important that your tutors and you can hear each other clearly. You need to learn correct pronunciation from them, and they need to correct any mistakes that you make. Your tutor and you will speak simultaneously a lot of the time, so it's important that there is no lag. If there are sound issues, your lessons will be less efficient and your progress will be slower.

- Exercises
Between lessons, you will be able to do Exercises that will help you revise on your own as well as practice spelling. If you do these Exercises regularly, you will remember previous lessons better and need less repetition.

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