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Наши учителя будут уделять вам всё внимание во время урока. Они будут задавать вам вопросы и помогут вам ответить и сформулировать полные, правильные ответы.

Не забудьте резервировать уроки с разными учителями, чтобы вы познакомились с разными акцентами. Каждый учитель дает урок, используя одну и ту же книгу, поэтому ваш курс проходит гладко и непрерывно.
Mike Jupp

Hi! I am an experienced Callan Method Tutor and Tutor Trainer. I have been teaching with Callan Online for 5 years. Before this, I taught at the Callan School in Oxford Street, London for two and a ha...

Matt Ward

Hi! I'm from London and have studied languages myself so I know it can be tough. Don't worry though, I'll work with you to correct your mistakes, improve your pronunciation and refine your accent. ...

Sarah Long

I am Sarah. I am a native English teacher for Callan Online. I have more than 10 years working experience giving general English classes, business classes and specialised in teaching children English....

D. John Dragicevic

Hello, I am a Callan Method online teacher. I hold a University Diploma with Honours including more than 20 years of experience as a credentialed High School teacher, one-to-one English and Business E...

Iain Campbell

I have taught Callan for Business since its first year and have had the pleasure of assisting numerous students in developing their careers.

Adam Robinson

Hello! I'm a Callan teacher from Birmingham in England, I hope to see you soon!

Lisa Collins

I have worked as a business mentor and have first hand experience of running a business including sales, marketing, advertising, project management and accounting

Byron York

Hi! I speak with an American accent and have over 10 year's experience teaching with the Callan Method at accredited schools. I look forward to having class with you and helping you reach your languag...