Our tutors will give you their undivided attention at all times. They will ask you questions, help you give answers and form complete sentences. They'll patiently correct your mistakes and constantly motivate you to achieve your goal of speaking fluently.

Remember to have lessons with many different tutors to become familiar with different accents. Every tutor follows the same book so that your course continues seamlessly from one lesson to another.
Mike Jupp

Hi! I am an experienced Callan Method Tutor and Tutor Trainer. I have been teaching with Callan Online for 5 years. Before this, I taught at the Callan School in Oxford Street, London for two and a ha...

Matt Ward

Hi! I'm from London and have studied languages myself so I know it can be tough. Don't worry though, I'll work with you to correct your mistakes, improve your pronunciation and refine your accent. ...

Sarah Long

I am Sarah. I am a native English teacher for Callan Online. I have more than 10 years working experience giving general English classes, business classes and specialised in teaching children English....

D. John Dragicevic

Hello, I am a Callan Method online teacher. I hold a University Diploma with Honours including more than 20 years of experience as a credentialed High School teacher, one-to-one English and Business E...

Iain Campbell

I have taught Callan for Business since its first year and have had the pleasure of assisting numerous students in developing their careers.

Adam Robinson

Hello! I'm a Callan teacher from Birmingham in England, I hope to see you soon!

Lisa Collins

I have worked as a business mentor and have first hand experience of running a business including sales, marketing, advertising, project management and accounting

Byron York

Hi! I speak with an American accent and have over 10 year's experience teaching with the Callan Method at accredited schools. I look forward to having class with you and helping you reach your languag...

Joe Mendelssohn

I am an experienced Callan Method teacher with a passion for language and culture.