Stop studying, start speaking.

Speak English fluently and fast with Callan Online

Online lessons using the world-famous Callan Method give you the skills and confidence to speak good, clear English fluently.

Whether you’re starting from scratch or aiming to improve your skills, if you’re serious about using English at work, for an exam or when travelling, Callan Online is the way to go.

More than a million people in over 40 countries have learnt English with the Callan Method

The Callan Method has been loved by students and teachers around the world for more than 50 years.

  • It’s efficient – you don’t waste time and you learn much more quickly
  • It’s not just “book learning” – you’ll be able to listen and speak fluently and naturally in English, right from the start.

With Callan Online, genuine Callan Method teachers are available to teach you online – whenever and wherever you are. All Callan Online teachers are native English speakers.

Extra content with the Callan App

Work on your English between lessons with exercises, video dictations, pronunciation practice, eBooks and audio.

Did you know we also teach Spanish?

Here’s how Callan Online works.

A Callan Method lesson is probably very different from any other online language class you’ve tried. This is what makes it special:

Follow a carefully planned course from beginner to upper intermediate in 12 interconnected Stages.

We all make mistakes when we learn! Our teachers help you correct your errors so you can feel confident in your skills.

New material is consistently revised so you commit it to long-term memory. If you’ve learned it with Callan, you’ll remember it forever.

All the speaking you do during lessons serves a purpose. Every sentence practices a specific item of vocabulary or grammar. Not a minute wasted.

Unlike many native speakers offering language lessons, our teachers are trained and experienced professionals. They know what they’re doing.

Your course includes access to exercises and eBooks you can use to practice and revise between lessons.

Quality language training for your organisation

Expand your team’s skillset with excellent spoken English. At Callan Online, we particularly enjoy working with small and medium-sized companies, offering a personalised approach and inspiring them to continue growing and conquering new markets.

Practical skills that will help you achieve your goals

Callan’s purpose is to give you a tangible asset: the ability to speak and understand English with ease and confidence.

With Callan Online, you’re working towards real life goals: acing a job interview, stress-free holidays, good communication with other nationalities wherever you live.

Individual approach

We take pride in knowing our students well and offering a personal approach to your needs. If you have questions or need any advice, don’t hesitate to contact us!

Choose your plan

Take regular lessons for a month, or a flexible package of 10 lessons that you can use whenever you want.
Or start with one free lesson with no commitment.


Your introduction to Callan
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No commitment



3 lessons
Special introductory offer
Access to eBook and exercises
Your first plan

40 EUR

10 lessons
Take lessons when you want
Access to eBook and exercises


175 EUR
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