Callan Method is the best way to learn practical language skills. Learn English or Spanish actively by listening and speaking, during short, intense online lessons with professional native-speaking teachers.

Callan Online lets you attend one on one lessons from your home, office, or wherever you are. Start with a free trial lesson, then choose any learning plan that suits you, build your own class schedule, and make progress faster than ever before.

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Live lessons with native speaking teachers.

Learn to understand natural, fast speech and imitate correct pronunciation.

Feel super confident when talking to real people!

Speak and listen all the time.

No chit-chat, no time-wasting. Intense lessons, fast results. Develop practical communication skills quickly.


Every lesson follows a script. You know what to expect. You know exactly what you are learning and can see your progress clearly.

Question - Answer formula.

Listen as the teacher asks you questions, learn correct grammar and pronunciation as you answer (always with the teacher's help)

Speak, Correct, Repeat.

Teachers help you correct any mistakes you make when speaking. You practise the new language you've learned until you can use it confidently.


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Each credit allows you to book one lesson.

Check your level.

Use your free credit to book a free session with a teacher, who will give you a level test.

Choose a plan and start speaking.

Get more credits and book regular lessons.

Check your level.

Use your free credit to book a free session with a teacher, who will give you a level test.

Low emissions business.

Callan Online teachers work from home. You learn from home (or wherever you happen to be that's convenient).

No heated or air-conditioned classrooms, no commuting. Our non-teaching staff often work remotely, too.

Save the trees.

We try to be as paperless as possible, relying on eBooks and a learning method that doesn't require taking notes.

We’re also a proud member of the Carbon Club, run by Forest Carbon. Through this scheme, we make regular monthly contributions to enable the planting of trees in new UK woodlands.