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Want to get ahead at work or improve your organisation’s English capability? Achieve it with our intensive programme of premium, one-to-one online Business English lessons with experienced professional native-speaking tutors.

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Buy the whole course and save £250. You have 24 weeks to complete the course.

Business English - whole course
1400 eur 72 lessons + eBook
Pay in instalments

Payment divided into 3 parts. Buy each instalment when you are ready. Every time you buy an instalment, you get 1/3 of the course: 24 lesson credits and 8 weeks' time to use them. 

Business English - 1 instalment
560 eur 24 lessons + eBook

Flexible schedule

The business course includes 72 lessons. You should complete it within 24 weeks. You reserve each lesson individually, choosing the date, time and tutor. You should aim to have 5 lessons each week.

Professional tutors

Our business English courses are delivered by some of the best and most experienced Callan Method teachers. They will ensure that you progress consistently and realise your full potential. You can choose one tutor for the whole of your course, or change tutors to become familiar with different accents.

Useful content

Here are our tutors explaining some of the words and expressions that you will learn in your Business English course: 

Lesson 1
Lesson 4
Put somebody through to
Lesson 6
Lay somebody off
Lesson 8
Lesson 12
Give somebody a heads-up
Lesson 17
Flag up

Entry requirements

To take this course, you must be at least 20 years old and be at Stage 8 or higher. Before you start, you will need a level test.