Teach at Callan

Are you a Callan Method teacher?

Earn money by teaching English with the Callan Method from the comfort of your own home. Callan Online is the official online platform connecting freelance Callan Method teachers with students around the world.

As a freelance Callan Online teacher you can enjoy:

Complete flexibility: you decide when you’re going to be available for bookings and you can work from anywhere you want. Rewarding, interesting work helping students from all over the world. No time or money wasted on travel to work.

Email us on support@callanonline.com to find out more.

Online teaching with Callan Online

Teaching using the Callan Online platform is easy, because we do all the hard work for you including:

  • Worldwide marketing, using the power of the Callan brand name
  • Managing your bookings
  • Collecting payments
  • Quality assurance – we’ll check that you’re teaching the Method correctly and offer help or refresher courses as needed.

With your profile listed on Callan Online, you’ll be found by students all around the world. And because Callan Online is part of the Callan Method Organisation Group, they’ll trust you to deliver the Method correctly, enabling them to learn English faster and better.

We’ll provide you with financial statements and transfer your earnings to you at the end of each month.

Getting started


  1. Make sure you have a good quality camera and microphone and bandwidth sufficient for video calls.
  2. Read the Callan Online Teacher Agreement and send your CV and cover letter to support@callanonline.com
  3. We’ll contact you to arrange an online interview. We’ll simply ask you a little about yourself and listen to you teaching the Method to ensure quality standards. If there are any problems, we can provide you with some training.
  4. Set up your Callan Online profile, which can include a brief description of your teaching experience, a photo and even a link to a YouTube clip of you teaching The Method.
  5. Enter your availability for the next few months into your Callan Online calendar. You can change your availability at any time, subject to bookings already received.
  6. Sit back and wait for the notifications for your first online lessons.
  7. Any questions? Contact us on support@callanonline.com.